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Welcome to Education One Tutoring Centers

Education One tutoring centers focus on giving individual students the attention they require through personalized tutoring services. We tutor K-12 students in school subjects that include math help, test prep, reading and writing, Civics and social studies, science, and much more. We also offer test preparation for SAT, ACT, PSAT, ISEE and other standardized tests. Students that don’t get what they need from the traditional learning structure can reinforce their education with the personalized approach offered by Education One. Some students who come to us are behind and looking to catch up, while others are ahead of the class and are seeking new, enrichment experiences and credit by exam.

Our Philosophy

  1. Every child has the ability to excel in education and personal development with the right mindset and a personalized approach.
  2. Our school system, based on testing proficiency, often underserves both students who want to get ahead and students who are falling behind.
  3. Parents want the best for their children, but lack resources for navigating important events like course planning, testing, and university admissions.

Our personal tutoring service allows all students to get the level of attention and instruction they need. Because we work with students individually, we are able to identify their personal needs and fulfill them. Some students require more verbal instruction, while others learn by writing things down. Some topics are easier to grasp for some students than they are for others. Our tutors are able to tailor the learning experience to the individual. Students are able to learn at a pace that they can keep up with that also challenges them to learn more than they believed possible.

Our tutors score in the 95th percentile for tests that they teach, hold bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and are trained in Education One curriculum and methods. The best tutor is one who has already achieved your goal and knows how to transfer his or her experience skillfully.

Our tutors stretch the boundaries of what students think they can learn and do. Not only does this raise grades and scores, but more importantly it raises their confidence to new heights. We believe that with the right level of confidence in their learning abilities, there is no limit to what students can achieve. Students might come to learn about history, but the strategies and study skills they pick up in their history lessons often carry over to other subjects. Students are not just getting homework help when accessing our personal tutoring service—they are becoming better learners.

The Right Approach With Education One

For anyone who wants to learn more about a subject or score higher on tests or measures of expertise, the most effective approach has three key features:

  1. A personalized plan that adapts to the student’s growth and challenges
  2. A skilled tutor and coach who provides individual instruction to the student
  3. A regimen of deliberate practice that incorporates incremental difficulty advancement and immediate feedback

In the typical classroom, students are put in the same K-12 paths grouped by age. Teachers are spread thin and unable to provide individual attention, and feedback through graded assignments is delayed and infrequent. Education One was founded to help in these areas.

Education One’s approach emphasizes personal academic planning and parental counsel, individual attention from the best tutors, and practice routines with prompt and frequent feedback.

With Education One, you can help ensure that your child advances through the school system at his or her ideal pace, gaining credits and opportunities before conventionally expected.

Give us a call or visit a location for more information on how you or your student can benefit from our personalized tutoring services.