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Avoid the Summer Slide with Summer Tutoring

Avoid the “Summer Slide” by signing your student up for a summer math and reading program at Education One! Research shows that students who don’t improve reading and math skills during the summer will fall behind their classmates in readiness for the new school year. Our program has helped hundreds of students not just be ready for a new school year, but put them ahead of the curve.

Math and reading programs offered by Education One are customized to your student’s needs, and our tutors bring the experience and track records that prove that can adjust to any kind of student or subject level. Whether your student is taking the SAT in three months, trying to enter AP Calculus the next year, or trying to better learn phonics on the path to a lifetime of reading, our programs and tutors can provide the kind of individualized plan for success that your student deserves.

Call or visit our center and speak to a Center Director today to learn about our summer programs, receive a FREE diagnostic test for your child, and get 30% OFF any summer program!