Our Philosophy

Education One was founded on three key beliefs:

Every child has the ability to excel in education and personal development with the right mindset and a personalized approach.

Our school system, based on testing proficiency, often underserves both students who want to get ahead and students who are falling behind.

Parents want the best for their children, but lack resources for navigating important events like course planning, testing, and university admissions.

The Right Approach with Education One

For anyone who wants to learn more in a subject or score higher on tests or measures of expertise, the most effective approach has three key features:

A personalized plan that adapts to the student’s growth and challenges

A skilled tutor or coach who provides individual instruction to the student

A regimen of deliberate practice that incorporates incremental difficulty advancement and immediate feedback

In the typical classroom, students are put in the same K-12 paths grouped by age. Teachers are spread thin and unable to provide individual attention, and feedback through graded assignments is delayed and infrequent. Education One was founded to help in these areas.

Education One’s approach emphasizes personal academic planning and parental counsel, individual attention from the best tutors, and practice routines with prompt and frequent feedback.

With Education One, you can help ensure that your child advances through the school system at his or her ideal pace, gaining credits and opportunities before conventionally expected.

The Best Tutors

The best tutor is one who has already achieved your goal, and knows how to transfer his or her experience skillfully.

People seem to think that a lot of these tests are like IQ tests, and that if you get a low score then you’re not smart. That’s not true. I improved to a near-perfect SAT score through practice and now I teach others to do the same.
SAT/ACT Tutor at Education One

Our tutors score in the 95th percentile for tests that they teach, hold bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and are trained in our curriculum and methods.


How does our philosophy apply to you or your child?

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