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Civics & Social Studies Tutors – Government | Economics | History and More

Students take some social studies class most every year of their school years, which is why we offer Civics and Social Studies tutors. These tutors help students tackle classes like Government and Economics as well as standard History classes. Skills required to succeed in history classes cross over to many different subjects in school, which is why it is essential that students get these skills mastered at a young age.

Civics Tutors – Civics teaches us all aspects of what it means to be a part of a citizenry. From the ideological components of citizenship to the practical applications of being/becoming a citizen, the lessons taught in Civics are invaluable and oftentimes essential for many students even after their academic pursuits have ended.

Social Studies Tutors – Social Studies is a broad term that refers to the study of human society.

AP Government Tutors – AP Government is a college-level course that prepares students for the intricacies of government classes that they will likely be confronted with at higher levels of learning.

Economics Tutors – So much of life is revolved around economics, from where one goes to school to the life they lead following their academic career. Having at least a base understanding of economics will help anybody to better understand the world around them, as a consumer or as an entrepreneur.

History Tutors – Many scholars argue that History is one of the most essential staples to any person’s education, as it offers a timeline of human achievement, culture and progress.

Our personalized tutoring sessions make it easy for students to learn information at a pace that suits them. Some students take longer to process and memorize information. With memorization being a cornerstone of history classes, students who struggle with memorization often fall behind. Personalized tutoring sessions will empower their brain’s memory functions, as students truly gain an understanding of the material. They aren’t only memorizing facts.

In History courses like AP European History and AP United States History, students are expected to learn concepts from history and apply them elsewhere. AP history essays should become almost interdisciplinary to show this application of concepts. Although this might be difficult for most students, many of those who take advantage of our civics and social studies tutors find it easy afterward.

A younger child in History class often means sitting with your children for hours on end verbally quizzing them, making sure that they have memorized the material for the next upcoming test. Our tutors can do that quizzing for you. Better than that, we can teach students how to become self-sufficient with their studying habits.   We try to teach students how to study in a way tailored to their learning style, and we do so making sure that in the future all they need to apply these studying tips is themselves. The studying and learning tips learned in our History tutoring sessions are valuable to students and can be utilized for many years to come in all facets of education and life away from the academic setting.

If students are taking AP history courses and need preparing for their exams, our History tutors can help with this as well. Their assistance in essay-writing skills is invaluable when it comes times for those AP exams. They can also provide practice questions and practice exams to help students prepare for what the exam will feel like. Timed practice exams will reveal issues with a student’s time management, which can be fixed during the tutoring sessions by way of our great test-taking tips. After history test prep with our expert tutors, students can conquer AP exams with confidence.

If you are interested in personalized tutoring sessions with our Civics and Social Studies Tutors, give us a call or visit one of our locations nearest to you today. A representative can assist you in setting up an appointment, or they can provide you with more information if you have not yet reached that step. We look forward to working with you.