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Test Prep – ACT | PSAT | SAT | AP, and More

If you are studying for a big exam and need assistance with your test prep, Education One has got your back. We understand how important your exam scores are to your future. Our expert tutors are excited to help you in your test prep. We offer ACT Test Prep, SAT Test Prep, PSAT prep, and even preparation for tests like the ISEE, SSAT, and Cog AT.

ACT Prep – Formerly called “American College Testing,” the ACT is a test used to grant admission into higher education institutions and in the rewarding of academic-based scholarships.

SAT Prep
– Once called the “Scholastic Aptitude Test,” the SAT functions like the ACT in granting admission into universities and colleges, as well as in issuing academic-based scholarships. The one key difference between the SAT and the ACT is that the SAT test does not have a science portion.

– This preliminary SAT test is generally treated as a primer for the actual SAT test. While it does not count toward college admissions, it is a qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship.

– For students in grades 3 through 11, the Secondary School Admission Test (or SSAT) assesses the basic verbal, math and reading skills of students to provide a standardized measure in the academic setting.

– The Independent School Entrance Examination (or ISEE) test is a standard assessment test used in the acceptance of new students into independent schools.

Cog At Prep
– Cog AT stands for “cognitive abilities test,” and is used to measure students’ aptitude. It is also used to identify gifted students for admission into accelerated/advanced academic programs.

SOL Prep
– In Virginia, the Standards of Learning (SOL) test is used to measure learning and achievement expectations for students K-12 in the public school system.

MSA Prep
– The Maryland School Assessment tests students from grades 3 to 8 in reading, math, and science, measuring both basic knowledge and higher level skills.

– STAAR, or the State of Texas Academic Readiness Test, is actually a series of standardized tests issued in Texas to students in primary and secondary school to measure the achievements and knowledge gained in each grade level.

It does not matter whether this is your first time taking the exam or you are taking it again with the intention of raising your score. Our tutors are here to help you understand the material so that you can achieve the best score possible. Our test prep can show those who have not yet taken a test what the test will be like. Knowing exactly what you are getting into can relieve some testing anxiety, which can increase a student’s opportunity to get a better score.

While we offer test prep for a variety of exams, students most often come to us requesting help with ACT prep and SAT prep. These are college entrance exams that both gain a student admittance into a school and help a student get scholarships for tuition. Our tutors take preparation for these exams seriously, ensuring that students are as prepared as possible before taking the exams.

AP exams and SAT subject tests are also common causes of struggle amongst students. In the case of the AP exam, the test correlates directly with the material learned in a specific course. The SAT subject test is on a certain subject but does not correlate directly with a course. Because these are required for entrance into some colleges, our tutors also offer rigorous prep for these exams.  This service includes mock exams to best help students prepare for the test material and atmosphere, to reach the highest score possible.

Other exams we prepare students for including the General Equivalency Diploma (GED), Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) and talented tests, and exams taken to receive credit for a class. Our tutors will help you through test preparation for any of those exams.

When preparing students for exams, our tutors keep things personalized. Working with the results of a student’s diagnostic test, our tutors examine the student’s weaknesses in foundational concepts and then focus on achieving mastery of those basic skills and knowledge.  Once that is achieved, personal tutoring moves on to practicing a battery of sample test questions to practice and improve advanced skills.

Our personalized test prep tutoring will also include time management skills and other best practices that will help maximize the final test score.  Students are often given timed practice tests so that their performance on a simulated exam can be evaluated and fine-tuned for the highest score.

Whether you need SAT prep, ACT prep, PSAT prep, SOL Algebra, ISEE prep, Gifted and Talented, or any other K-12 standardized test preparation, Education One is the one place that will meet all your needs.

If you are interested in our test prep, give us a call or visit your nearest location today for more information.