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Reading & Writing Tutor

We also have a reading and writing tutor at Education One for those who need to catch up or get ahead with written English. Success in every other school subject, including history and science, depends on a student’s reading skills. Even math requires the ability to solve tough word problems that get more complex with each new grade.  Meanwhile, history and science classes often require a student to write essays or answer open-ended questions on quizzes and tests.  Ultimately, success in school and the eventual workplace is highly dependent on the ability to read and write effectively.

It is not enough for a student to just learn reading “at his or her own pace”.  Too often, a student who isn’t encouraged to read will fall behind peers, earn poor grades in multiple subjects, and become unmotivated in schoolwork.  It is absolutely critical that every student read at grade level or above, to perform well at studies in all subjects.  If a student is getting poor reading grades, it is vitally important that parents encourage the child to read books for fun during free time, and to get reading help if necessary.

Students today also need effective writing skills, both in school and for standardized tests like the SOL, MSA, STAAR, SAT and ACT exams.  The ability to write well is increasingly necessary for good grades in high school and college, and then to succeed in the workplace as an adult.   Ensuring that your student is able to write at or above grade level will pave the way for good test scores on the academic road ahead.

A reading and writing tutor will use the results of our Education One diagnostic test to improve the ability of younger students at important skills such as finding the main idea of a passage, drawing conclusions, finding important details, and making inferences.  Writing lessons may include the mechanics of writing, such as proper punctuation, capitalization, and use of quotes, depending on the individual student needs.  The reading and writing tutor will help older students with advanced literary analysis, and effective reading of informational texts.  These skills are necessary to achieve top grades in high school and for success on the ACT test and SAT test.

Reading and writing tutors are also quite helpful when it comes to high school courses in language and literature, along with the AP Language and Composition and AP Literature exams. Our expert reading and writing tutors help students to best comprehend the material that will help them pass these exams with flying colors.

If students are in need of our reading and writing tutor, just give us a call or visit one of our current locations for more information on how to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing your call!