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Science Tutor – Chemistry, Physics, Biology and more

The sciences include some of the most complex academic subjects, which is why we offer a science tutor here at Education One for our students who need help with Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Many students struggle with science because they put too much emphasis on memorization when their teachers require them to learn and understand larger concepts and relationships to succeed on tests. This is especially true for classes like Biology and Anatomy wherein memorization is quite essential, but insufficient, because success depends on understanding interconnected systems.  For each subject, our science tutor will go beyond the definitions and key facts, to better understand the subject as a whole.

Chemistry Tutor – Chemistry studies the very matter of which life is composed of. Students gain a greater understanding of the world when they are taught how the different components of life interact, combine and change under different circumstances.

Organic Chemistry Tutor – This branch of Chemistry focuses on carbon-based elements of matter.

Physics Tutor – With a focus on matter and energy, Physics courses include the study of mechanics, heat, radiation, sound, light, and the structure of atoms.

Biology Tutor – Biology entails the study of living organisms, their internal functions and their impact on the world around them. Biology is divided into many specialized fields for the purpose of covering different aspects of existence ranging from morphology to origin.

Chemistry is a complicated subject because the concepts must be understood practically. If you are struggling with chemistry, you should consider getting the help of our expert Chemistry tutors. Students are surprised at how easy Chemistry is after a personalized tutoring session. Chemistry is similar to math in that students learn little pieces that build on each other with each chapter. Our tutors help students to understand each of the pieces and how these steps work together to depict an actual reaction. While there are not many high schools that offer Organic Chemistry, we also have an Organic Chemistry tutor for anyone in need of assistance in this subject. We are proud to offer tutoring for the Physics courses that often befuddle so many students.

Students who have been struggling to prepare for science AP exams should look no further for the assistance they require. Our science tutors are experienced in prepping students for these important exams. They know the exams inside and out, and can teach students what to expect come exam day. Students can be provided with practice problems and practice exams so that tutors can see precisely what they need to be studying to succeed. Concepts from the AP courses are often retaught by tutors to ensure students have fully grasped and understood them. Science tutors also help students craft killer practice essays so they will know how to write their essays for success on actual exam day.

The science portion of the ACT is another section many students struggle with. This is because the science section tests both the ability to read and interpret scientific data and important subject knowledge. Students struggling with this part of the exam should take advantage of our personalized science tutoring. Our science tutors will teach students the basic science principles on which the student may be weak and also valuable strategies for picking out the vital information from the data shown in graphs, charts, and other ACT Science graphics. This helps students streamline their focus when taking the exam. They can take the vital information and answer the questions accordingly, a true ticket for success.

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