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Language Tutor – English | Spanish | French | Chinese | German And More

For students who request help in foreign language, Education One offers a language tutor. Our language tutors help students catch up or get ahead in their language classes.

English Tutor – Arguably the hardest commonly-spoken language to learn and perfect, English consists of many rules, synonyms and traits that aren’t often found in other languages.  From an ESL student learning English to high school students preparing for ACT and SAT tests, our tutors can improve reading and writing proficiency or expertise.

Spanish Tutor – One of the most commonly spoken languages in the United States, Spanish is an excellent skill to have for anybody who is interested in travel or business, or those who want to add a second language onto their resume.

French Tutor – The French language permeates many aspects of even English-speaking culture, from art to medicine, making it an invaluable addition to one’s education.

Chinese Tutor – Reading, writing and speaking in any of the Chinese dialects requires a great amount of determination and discipline. From the spoken accents of different words to the manner of writing in Chinese characters, this language tends to be a difficult one to grasp for new learners.

German Tutor – Germany has one of the strongest economies in Europe, making it an ideal spot for travelers who are looking for stable work. Adding the German language to your set of skills is essential for anybody who dreams to travel abroad for work or leisure.

Our tutors understand that learning a foreign language can be difficult for students, but they are also experienced enough to make this process a little bit easier. Our personalized tutoring structure allows students to work individually with language tutors so that they can spend more time on the trickier aspects of learning a language, such as grammar.

Many students benefit from having a language tutor. While they may not be able to keep up with the pace of their class while sitting in the classroom, they can always come back up to speed after a session with a tutor that specializes in the subject. This helps students stay on top of their grades, but it also helps them develop specialized skills that can carry over into their other classes. Quick memorization and memory retention is one of the most important skills learned when studying a language. Skills also carry over from learning a new language into math, surprisingly. This is due to the mnemonics of learning a language and can be quite helpful for those looking to improve their math skills without actually practicing math.

The language tutors at Education One focus on using themed vocabulary and introduce grammar topics one by one to make the process easier for students. If this pace is too accelerated, we always slow down. We speed up if the pace is too slow. Because our tutoring sessions are personalized, we have the freedom to adjust the pace of learning right in the middle of a tutoring session, if needed.

If you are a student who already knows a foreign language, our language tutors are a great way to flex the speaking muscle. If you do not speak the language often enough, your skills could slip away and become difficult to recall later on. Speaking to another person and practicing exercises in the language will help you not only preserve but also improve your language speaking skills.

Students taking an AP foreign language can benefit from test prep with a language tutor. They can go over critical grammatical concepts, writing structure, and other aspects of the exam to make sure that students are prepared to get the best score possible.

If you are interested in using a language tutor to perfect your foreign language skills, call our office or visit your nearest location for more information. A representative can help you make your appointment. We look forward to working with you.