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Know where you stand, and make a plan

At Education One Tutoring Centers we offer free diagnostic tests and consultations to give you insight into your child and recommended solutions to improve study skills and increase test scores.

Education One’s President & Founder Nayol Yi studied academic and career counseling at UC Berkeley. She has guided thousands of students through their K-12 education, including SAT/ACT test preparation and college admissions. Ms. Yi’s passion for helping students compelled her to create the One resource students need for expert subject tutoring, test preparation, and college guidance.

Education One was founded to help students and parents get the academic counseling they need but are often unable to find.  In the typical K-12 classroom at public and private schools, students are put in the same yearly paths grouped by age. Teachers are often responsible for classes of 25 or more students and are unable to provide individual attention. And in the typical guidance office, counselors struggle to meet each of 500 or more students once per year, and then for just a few minutes, because so much time is spent with other students having emotional and social problems. In contrast, Education One focuses on the academic needs of each individual student.

Our approach emphasizes personal academic planning and parental counsel, individual attention from the best tutors, and practice routines with prompt and frequent feedback.  We begin with a free diagnostic test and consultation to give you valuable insight into your child and then recommend solutions to improve both school grades and standardized test scores.

The Education One system has three key factors to help students achieve the greatest success:

  1. A personalized plan that adapts to the student’s growth and challenges
  2. A skilled tutor and coach who provides individual instruction to the student
  3. A regimen of deliberate practice that incorporates incremental difficulty advancement and immediate feedback

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