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Tutoring Center Offering Personal Tutoring

Education One is a tutoring center offering personal tutoring services to students from kindergarten through 12th grade, in math, reading, science and standardized test prep. If you are looking to find a tutor, you have come to the one place able to meet all your tutoring needs. Our tutoring sessions are conducted on an individualized and personalized basis so that your child gets the personal tutoring they need and deserve. Whether you are looking for semi-private and customizable math tutoring, reading tutoring, science tutoring, or test preparation for the SAT, ACT, PSAT, ISEE or other standardized tests we have you covered.  We help struggling students catch up, and students who are doing well to get ahead.

Our tutoring center directors understand that the school system’s current method of teaching does not always work for every child. Children learn at different paces and in different ways, and one educator teaching in one style cannot possibly accommodate every child’s needs. If you feel that your child is slipping through the cracks in their classroom, you might be relieved to know that our personal tutoring service can fill in the gaps, to get your child’s homework grades and test scores back on track.

Some students in a classroom setting might need a bit more teaching to reach the optimal level of understanding of their curriculum while other students need to be challenged with a higher level curriculum. Whether students are behind or ahead of the class, our personalized tutoring sessions can help them make the most out of the years they are spending in school. Whether your child is ahead of the curve or slipping behind the rest of their class, our semi-private tutoring sessions can set the pace for success. This is why our tutoring center is an optimal education supplement for students of all levels—not just those who need a bit of homework help.

In order to foster success within each student, we make our personal tutoring sessions semi-private, with a low 3:1 student to teacher ratio. Tutors work with each student individually so that concepts are reviewed and mastered before new concepts are introduced.

One of the most common subjects students require help in is math. From counting and addition through Algebra and Calculus, math is a tricky subject because it has many branches that all relate to one another. Each new school year brings new math concepts that depend on knowledge learned in previous classes. If students miss one lesson or do poorly in math one year, they are likely to struggle with later lessons, causing math grades to spiral downward. Education One tutoring services are a great solution when students need to catch up or get ahead in any math class.

Reading and writing are two common subjects in which students often struggle. Learning to read is a continuous process, and student reading comprehension skills develop at different paces. This can make it more difficult for some students to keep up in classes where reading and writing are cornerstone materials. The subject of reading and writing also has a way of permeating into other subjects, as even science classes require students to read and understand the material in the textbook. If your child is experiencing these struggles, our personalized tutoring service for reading and writing is a great way to get them caught up. Tutors work directly with students, on all levels of reading, from the fundamentals to advanced reading comprehension necessary for the SAT, ACT and other standardized tests.

If you are interested in our personal tutoring service, give us a call or visit a location today for more information.